Top Diet Tips From Your DNA Can Ease Your Pain

Diets are not as easy as it seems. Many factors play a role in which changes in diet and lifestyle are right for you, including your food tolerances and susceptibility, metabolism, overall activity levels and levels of macronutrients.

Recently, personalized nutrition testing tests have gained in popularity as dieters want to become smarter about how to revise their lifestyle. These services are designed to help users understand the direct and indirect effects of their genes on their overall health by identifying possible reasons for predisposing to weight gain or which food groups cause irritability or bloating.

The multitude of home-based test kits includes the Vitagene Premium Health DNA Kit + Ancestry DNA Test ($ 99, originally $ 139, If you’ve ever had a 23andMe or Ancestry DNA test, you’ll find that Vitagene is a similar process. After you have ordered the kit, you will receive a box of instructions, vials, and cheek swabs to collect your saliva. Once your DNA has been collected and your sample has been returned, you will receive a personalized report that you can access online. This report contains a breakdown of global ancestry and an interactive map that shows where your ancestors lived around the world and regional percentages that make up your DNA. This is all in addition to the health rating that the test offers.

Vitagene recommends choosing food, meals, tailor-made macronutrients, and even an ideal workout frequency for you, based on your results. Health reports also include information about the general conditions under which you are genetically endangered, and information on gluten sensitivity. The goal is to help you make more informed decisions about the food and the type of exercise so that you can keep your body 100% running.

It is important to note that, according to experts, there are limits to what these types of DNA tests can reveal. They should therefore never be considered a complete health assessment. Great lifestyle changes are best made in consultation with your doctor.

However, these tests still have value in the fact that you can step back and see how you can build a holistically healthy lifestyle that includes nutritious foods and healthy exercises. Given that many DNA tests that offer health estimates in addition to Ancestry Allocation cost well over $ 99, we believe this is a theft.

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