Age is just a number

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George Bernard Shaw wrote so much till the age of 93 that he himself could not write much at the age of 40 years. Philosopher Vanditto Crowe used to work ten hours regularly at the age of 80. At the age of 85 he wrote two important books, which are discussed in the world literature. Brendand Russell received the prize at the age of 78 in the work which he completed in 77 years. Matis Mater Link’s death occurred at the age of 88 years. He had completed his final book some days before he died. The book was named ‘The Evert from With All All’. This book is considered to be the best piece of art. Lord Vivenvar, the UK’s well-known newspaper ‘Daily Express’, also fits in the office at the age of 80 And used to work. Philosopher Kant got a reputation in field of philosophy based on his composition at age of 74 years. In the four years after age of 60, he wrote three books ‘Anthropology’, ‘Meta Physics of Ethics’ and ‘Struggle of Factuals’ which he distinguished him in the philosophical world. Tennyson completed his famous treatise ‘Crossing the Bar’ at the age of 83 years. Hobbes had published ‘Iliad’ translation at 88 years of age. Illustrator Titan completed the world-famous artwork ‘VAT of Limato’ at the age of 98.

The history of England, which he has read, must be familiar with the name of Gladstone. Gladston entered Britain’s politics at age of 40 and took over responsibility of state at age of 70. Speech that he delivered at ‘Homer’ in Oxford University is considered complete. But when he became prime minister he was 79 years old. At the age of 85, he composed a book called ‘Odemi of Hats’. He was not sitting in peace even in old age. Like Gladstone, George Lloyd has also been prince of Britain’s princely states. At the age of 75, his performance was like a young man. Churchill, when he became the Princely Princeton of the Second World War, was 80 years of age. General Make Arthur was also active at the age of 73, such as at age of 45, it is noteworthy that at age of 45 he had taken important command in the military sector.

Eighth German Army Chief General Then Palashan was assigned to Hindan class, then he was 67 years old. At the age of 78, he was elected president of Parliament. For nine years, he took this responsibility efficiently and died in 87 years of age. When Henry Philip Mitten became French Prime Minister, he was 84 years old. President of the National Assembly of that country, Stubard Harrio, was elected to that position at the age of 71. By the time he lost his life at the age of 84, he continued to perform the duties of that post with great skill. South Korean President Sigmund was also fully active at age of 80. It has been said that success and efficiency have no relation to the age. If there is enthusiasm, passion and resolve, youth can be in any age or situation. Goswami Tulsidas started writing Ramchrita Manas after the age of 50 and finished it in a period of two years and fulfilled the world. Rabindranath Tagore completed his novel at the age of 90.

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