Bring innumerable changes

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Radio, a wireless coil is a direct proof of word-waves. Photos of the ideas that are coming in the brain are now being taken, from which it is known that which is what the other person is assuming and how is leaving the thoughts? Like the clouds, the flow of attraction stays in the sky and people can be dragged and thrown by the power of attraction. This science is very important and detailed, in this short book it is difficult to describe it. All the three-dimensional psyche of the mind, the enlightened psyche, the spiritual mind also keep its independent flow, that is, to understand that except the soul, the rest of the whole physical and mental atoms are dynamic.

All these things keep moving from one place to another. Just as the old elements of the body move forward and new ones keep coming, so should the understanding of mental substances also be understood. On that day it was your decision that I will be lifelong, I do not care about the subject today. On that day it was decided that I will pay my revenge for the life of such a person, today he has become his friend. You were crying that day, we should earn money in any way, today everything is being abandoned and becoming a monk. There are innumerable changes such as this. Why? That’s because old ideas have gone and new ones have come to their place.

The world’s visual, perception, and loyalty of the invisible objects of all invisible objects can be believed that the whole world is one. His creation is based on unity. My own thing is nothing or the whole thing is mine. You should be standing in the middle of the river flowing through the fast flowing river and you should be asked how many other atoms of water are yours, then what will you answer? Think that the stream of water is flowing continuously. The atoms of water that are touching my body at the moment, will be far away from blinking. The water stream is going to touch me continuously, then I can make the whole water stream my own, or say that I have nothing, I can think of it.

The world is the sea of life and power. The organism grows forward to its development by taking it and leaving the objects as per its requirement. Nature is not deceased. Whichever material we call material objects, all the atoms are alive. They are all excited by the power, moving, thinking and living. Because of the power of this living ocean, we are all running. We are all fishes of the same pond. Worldwide power, consciousness, and atoms of life are shining different pride. The above sensation is enough for the expansion of soul tools and textiles. We should think that all these bodies are mine, in which the same consciousness is being implanted. The physical things you are limiting yourself to, you have to move forward a lot and think that ‘such drops of this world ocean are mines, this is a mood illusion.’ I am wearing such a large garment, in which all the world is covered. ‘That is the expansion of self-body. The experience will be taken to that category, on which the human being reached is called Yogi.

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