Connection with existence

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In last decade, Science has considered all root consciousness as substances manufactured and consciousness has been telling result of elemental and chemical composition. In their view there is no existence of independent power of soul. Like trees, vegetation is also a human or animal bird insect kite. In underdeveloped creatures of small levels and thoughts which are found in humans, there is a special kind of solution in brain organ. But this belief has come to be blurred over time and now many such evidence has gathered that independent existence of spiritual consciousness can be accepted.

‘Incidentally’ plaintiff’s statement of atheist argument is that this world is born abruptly and without self-control, all modes of self-arrangement have gone unintentionally and are going on.

It is said that just as soon as a person arrives at inn, a friend finds a friend, and greetings, smile, skillful questions and gift exchange. Likewise, appearance and order of this world has been running automatically.

But this is not as easy as proving as simple as saying ‘accidentally’. Every bacterial atom of universe is running according to a systematic process. Not only that, there is also a sense of future consequences behind it, and considering situation, there is also foresight of manipulating its speed methods. Considering these facts, versatile basis of consciousness in nature which is considered to be root is proved to be present.

philosopher of Spain, Ibn Baza used to say that universe has been composed of peripheral motion body atoms. Those particles are neither free nor dead. Among them, verb also exists and also consciousness. That situation is not even wrong, but it is also completely tied. Anyone can directly experience this ordering and regulatory power in their nearest field. What will be requirement to prove this evidence?

In connection with existence of first soul of first soul of body, how many exploration works have taken place in scientific areas. An experiment in these experiments is of Psychology Research Committee. That institution has published its findings in book ‘Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death’. How many examples have been presented in this book, which proves independent existence of a soul different from body. After some example special events, accumulated memory of lifetime of people is completely destroyed and a stranger is about to start working in that body, which seems to have pushed soul possessing control over body and possessing another soul at that place. Can live and stay there for as long as possible. There are also some of these events in which self-centered soul has given up opportunity to leave occupation and return old soul to that body.

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