Is there exists any fourth dimension?

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Normally our information is limited to three dimensions of matter:-length-width and height. Now in this category, ‘Time’ has been incorporated into fourth dimension. Einstein, while explaining his relativity theory, has tried to explain that this material world is literally ‘a joint, four-dimensional world’. He considers present beliefs of land and time in a way relative and in other ways incomplete.

Dr. Robert Sergey of the University of California is involved in making such equipment with his team, to make it possible to understand fourth dimension of substance. They say what we know and see, there are movements and directions ahead of them, we can only experience material in periphery of three dimensions, whereas even then a strange world exists. Without understanding that quantity, our current information will remain only of child’s intellectual level.

Being visible and invisible of scene can be said to be from intellectual intelligence, intellectual illusion or any divine miracle. Even so, there exists existence of such a microcosm, which is not only more detailed but also more powerful than its known world. Needs and circumstances can happen to them as well and as we are eager to connect with that microcosm, in the same way, they may also be interested in our fellowship, disappearing and manifesting the living beings and matter between this macro and the microcosm There can be a proof of living exchange.

We should not consider the known only to be enough. Sometimes what we see from naked eyes may not be the reality. Do not follow the prescribed cerebral and mechanical instruments as limited and if you are engaged in the research of those who are unrecognized, then you can move forward in knowing this secret of Mahato Mahayana Mahayana, which is not yet known. Anyone Not alone.

In extreme adverse conditions, plants that live self-reliant lives, where there is a lack of water. His self-reliance proves that if life gets settled down on its own, then it does not have to be defeated even after the opposite conditions.

Due to surrounded by adverse circumstances, even some simple flowers looks so stunning. There are many kinds of silk-like soft, wool-shaped shells, such as scenes of sight, ball, club, snake, pillar, camel, turtle, porcupine, pheasant, walnut and pigeon pea is such that vegetable lovers experience proud to plant those varieties. Number of leaves is almost negligible, often only stems grow, but on their upper top, such beautiful flowers come that we got surprised on this grand phenomena of nature which it has provided to this neglected vegetation.

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