Law of Progress

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Trying even after being an objection is religion of the soul. Glory and dignity of effort have been said to be immense. ‘In life of man, there are difficulties, difficult situations, and difficulties to keep coming. Just like two episodes of the world – time and day, the same property and tragedy, happiness and sad life are two wheels of the chariot. For both, the man should be prepared for the nature of nature. Chasing chest in objection and walking in property is terrible, both are unfair.

Humans should not let their brain become unbalanced even on the expectations of frustration, frustration, anxiety, fear, and panic-strikeness. Keeping patients, you should try to eradicate difficulties with awareness, wisdom, peace, and foresight. Even in a difficult time, laughing, like the characters of drama, plays game of life, the intellect of that can be considered stable.

They go out on a bad day, but they are gifted with many experiences, attributes, and stamina. The ten gurus cannot teach as well as the difficulties that humans can teach. The burden of accumulated unforeseen events also goes down with those objections. Objections come to challenge our discretion and manliness, and whoever goes to that examination, his cheeks and reputation are appreciated.

That is why human duty is to be aware, aware and present for the future and fearless towards the future. Humans should expect better, but they should remain ready for bad situations. Mental balance property or adversity should not be deteriorated in any condition. Strive to reach the best condition rather than present, it is the natural religion of the soul, but the fear of hardship is inappropriate in terms of its pride.

Human life is a major place of sadness and difficulties. Law of progress is hidden in shocks of difficulties. If only there is always simplicity and compatibility, then consciousness will decrease and man will start becoming lazy and indolent, there will be a kind of depression in his mind: due to which the path of growth, exploration, invention and ambitions was blocked. Will not be without. When there is no feeling of sorrow then no happiness can be found in the happiness. If the night is not always day, then what happiness will be enjoyed from that day? If there is no salt taste, tasteless taste and only sweet and sweet food, then it will become a load. In the same way, it is possible to have a taste of happiness in happiness only when the pain of sadness is simultaneously. We call sorrow worse, but in reality it is the real center of progress.

The great tribulation, the greatness, glory and prestige of all the great men in the world have been due to their suffering tolerance. The trees that grow on the inaccessible mountains are huge and long-lived, which falls on a regular basis, it dissolves in a few days by eliminating its life. The person, the society and the nation, who is hardworking and suffering, tolerates the same victory and progress. History tells us that the zodiacs were immersed in pleasure, they fell into the pit of humility and slavery in a short span of time.

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