Part-1 A case of volcano eruption on Martinique

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Many times such incidents are seen that their causes are beyond our perception and imagination. Located in ‘Mediterranean Sea’, there is an island in Martinique 45 miles long and twenty miles wide, the island is surrounded by high mountains and intricate forests. One of the highest mountain peaks on the northern tip of this island, a volcano named Mount Pelee has been still alive which is still an unsolved mystery for humans.

This volcano appeared in the eighteenth century. People remembered also of the small explosion of 1851. There was no garbage in it, it had never been shown to be a big loss. But in the year 1902, seventy years ago, in the same way, it was such a move that in the same way the doomsday was introduced for that area.

Suddenly La Martel became active on April 23. Ashes on the western and southern slopes of Mount Pele and the embers began to rain. Seismic shock Two days later, the volcano was furious. The rocks turned red The fierce fire of the fire broke out. The rains began to rain from ash. Residents of St. Pierre Nagar have started explaining the heat. But they think that this is an occasional event. In two to four days everything will be cured automatically.

Such a mess was going on for two weeks. On the early morning of 7th May that Mount Pelee had started roaring terribly and the colorful light rays started shining out of the volcano. There was a heavy storm in the sea. Rocks and soils were scattered all around. And the beach was filled up with thousands of dead fishes.

At eight o’clock in the morning. Volcano’s mouth cracked. The dense black steam cannon, like a cannon, sounded with sound and shone far into the sky. As the black umbrella generated dark darkness, the gingelly steam got up fast and he covered the entire area in its own way in a manner. People are stunned. What is going on, what is going to happen, what can be done, nobody’s understanding was coming.

The boiling steam made a water-like shape and he ran like this as if it was his goal to swallow the city. Dust was blowing ahead, the smoke was moving backward. It was shining like flames and colorful lightning. The storm of steam was coming waving behind him. Seeing that, he took all the cities in his horoscope. Like a piece of wood lying in the furnace, the whole town lost its fame, Sushma and became furious.
The horror of the storm was thrilling. Shipwrecks on the harbor were overturned Those who escaped from drowning opened their anchors and ran off on any side in the open sea, faltering. Those who were away from the coast turned their backs.

This story will be continued in part-2…

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