Part-2 A case of volcano eruption on Martinique

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The explosion was so intense and so unimaginable that residents of that island could not understand what was going on for several hours. The governor sent the patrol team to find out the situation and but even they could not reach to the burning Saint Pierre. Just seeing this from powerful binoculars, it was known that city was burning like a pyre. A Captain of Ship named Reddam ran away from this island with his ship and took it to the Kastrija port of Saint Lucia in the neighboring island, but his hand flash was hanging out due to immense heat. Twenty-two sailors died on the spot.

When there was lightness in storm and situation was examined, it was found that in population of thirty thousand, three people got burnt and roasted, who died after a few hours.

Only one person survived in this entire city. He was imprisoned in prison twenty-five year old Salvaris He was sentenced to full punishment for torture and was kept locked in a cell under the ground. In this closet there was a small hole for air near the door. Three days later, when it was possible to find the news of the city, there was a voice of groan in the jail breaks. If the debris was removed, then the survivor was found alive.

The explosion swallowed entire city of Saint Pierre. There is no survivor living in the area ahead of it but due to the flow of light there is no loss of property. After this tree vegetation was burnt but humans ran away and saved their lives. The flow of death came in such a strange way that where everything of a lead line was destroyed, there was nothing bad about anybody in border line near him. It is estimated that the explosion had at least 2000 degrees Fahrenheit heat. The fatal and poisonous substances were filled with steam and fumes that whatever came in their grip could not escape. The gas of the explosion had a deadly effect on the health of most of people in that area and they continued to suffer for many days.

Agast’s survival is also known as Hughes Coincidence. But the fact cannot be denied even by the fact that man is not alone, but his God is with him, which he saves as he saves him, as if the entire city was destroyed even in this catastrophic storm, the Zamindoj prisoner of St. Pierre survived . The man had not kept any shortcomings in killing her. In the situation in which he was imprisoned, he could not live for a long time, but when God was saved, he survived in such a way that by observing physical laws, all those who obey everything have to be amazed.

In this accident of Saint Pierre, everything is a painful accidental depiction. There is a ray of light also that there is also a capable power which can be wiped by anyone, if desired, by presenting the awkward stories.

If we take a firm hold of such great power, then it has its own means of interest. Anyway, if fear is frightened by difficulties, the matter is second only, otherwise the invincible life-long desire is so strong that one cannot survive from bad to worst circumstances and cannot be flourished.

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