Practice makes a man perfect

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Who does not want to progress? Every person is dissatisfied with his position and wants to go ahead and achieve advanced status. Many also make efforts for it and many are also successful. Due to the absence of resolution, lack of clarity in the efforts and lack of readiness. Many people try to achieve their goal with great enthusiasm in youth, but only after a little effort, they get disappointed. The situation of many people is such that, doing the trying and struggling, the puberty passes, and they feel tired of losing their old age. The answer to this question lies in ‘yes’ for them, but in reality, it is not so. Many people called old age. He lived a normal life till this age and after that, there was such a noble ambition for progress in him that after that he reached the high peak of progress with his intense efforts. Shride Damodar Satvale, a famous Sanskrit scholar of Sanskrit, used to teach drawing in a school till the age of 60 years. After retiring, he learned Sanskrit and did so much work in the field of Sanskrit language that the viewers were stunned. From preparing the pure text of the Vedas to forming a progressive form of Indian culture, he achieved so much success that even today, where there is a conflict in relation to Sanskrit, then only the texts of Satvala should be provided for solutions and solutions. It is believed.

Mahatma Gandhi lived a normal life till the age of 45, and after this he became a revolutionary saint. I came out to emerge. Dada Bhai Nauroji started his political career at the age of 50 and for the first time at the age of 60, he was elected a member of the Bombay Kaushal. In 61 years of age he became the Congress President. Gopalakrishna Gokhale founded the ‘India Savarkar Samaj’ at the age of 40. Although Lokmanya Tilak started his political career at the age of 33, his activities became more active in 1905 when he was 50 years old. At the same time he had established a hot party.

Mrs. Annibysent was 70 years old when making the Homerul league. He made his debut in the public sector after the age of 40. Similarly, Pt. Motilal Nehru, who entered the political life after the age of 45, became the Congress president at the age of 58. The intense and active life of Dr. Rajendra Prasad started only after the age of 41.

This is an example related to good political life and it is generally understood that politics is a game of old people. Such an impression is that when a person enters youth in this field, only then it is successful till reaching old age. But in other areas also there are examples that prove that progress or success has no relation to the age. He can be found at any age and there are many examples of those who set record in his field in old age. Greek playwright Sophoplies wrote his famous play ‘Adipus’ at the age of 99. Though he wrote many compositions before this, but the compositions which he distinguished him in the literary world were written after the age of eighty years. Milton, the well-known English poet, was blinded at the age of 44. After being blind, he focused his attention on the literary composition and at the age of 50 he wrote his famous work ‘Paradise Lost’. At the age of 62, another famous work ‘Paradise Rigade’ was published. German poet Goethe wrote his famous work ‘Fast’ at the age of 70. 92 year old American philosopher Janadevi was the leader of all other scholars in his field, he had entered the field of philosophy only at the age of 60 years.

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