The relationship between ‘ego’ and ‘attitude’

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The sweetness of jaggery cannot be explained by accumulated expenditure. Our only attempt is to bend towards meditation and interest and get into practice in doing some of these mental exercises. By doing this, the mind will find evidence of reality and will become firm in self-form. As long as you do not experience yourself, there is no knowledge, knowledge. Once you get the vision of that truth, then it will not disappear from the sight and no debate will make him disbelieve.

Now you will not have to be your slave, the lord will have to believe. You are the ruler Flip the flame that was happening to you by the heart till now, and consider yourself free from them. You are being entrusted with the throne of the kingdom today, consider yourself a king. Regard strongly that nature, thoughts, resolutions, wishes, wishes, accept all the employees’ rule and sign the new treaty, that we will obey the command of our king like a faithful servant and make a state-of-the-art wealth People will not even mind.

People understand that the mind has put us in such a situation that our instincts are dragging us badly in thorns and you like to make it miserable terrorize. Seekers will be relieved of these miseries because they are familiar with all those entities and have acquired the ability to overcome them. In a large mill, hundreds of horse-powered engines and hundreds of machines operated by them and their numerous components will frighten the clumsy. He will be shocked to enter that house. If a dhoti is trapped in any part, then it will be unable to get rid of it and will suffer greatly due to ignorance. But the engineer who is familiar with the parts of the machine, and all the principles of running the engine are well understood, and will not panic while entering the factory and will proudly rule over those giant instruments such as a pillion elephant But the snakes does on the fierce quakes. Taking responsibility for such large machinery, the fear will not be proud.

He will give happiness to the owner in the evening, happy and happy, he has prepared such a huge amount of good material in a short time. It is a great feeling of success from his bloated chest. One who has learned the exact form and relationship of his ‘ego’ and his attitude, is such a skilled engineer, instrument operator. The practice of more days gives even more amazing power. Not only the mind but also the mind, the hidden man, has become educated and the command that he receives, quietly works even when people are engaged in other things or are sleeping.  When the secret mind keeps those tasks in full, then the new seeker shocks that it is unseen assistance, it is a supernatural plan, but the yogi explains to him that he has his own unfamiliar abilities, this has made innumerable talent soothing to you. The work is difficult, but the reward that is received by it is of great benefit. Even if you can achieve your position, power, significance, pride, and power of strength even through hard exercises and meditation over the years, even then he must do it. If you agree with us in these thoughts, then do not get satisfied only by reading. Study, meditate, hope, be courageous, and with caution and seriousness move towards this path of the path.

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