unbelievable Mangrove trees

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Mangrove trees enhance beauty of ocean and get its nourishment from sea. Other trees cannot grow in this salt water in same way, on other hand, this tree makes itself easy to live in this salty sea water. These mangrove plants complete its water need by storing sufficient water in its leaves, in same way as camels of desert store water in the pouch made in their body.

This tree is initially grown in the sludge areas of the coast. Like the idle lamps and the worldly pleasures by the thought-seekers, these plants, while enjoying the heat of the sunlight, expect the heat to cool down in cool water and move towards sea. There is a singular process in their roots, from the top, root goes in the sludge, in which the action is done in roots, as crawling worms lift their back part and make tweezers. Then move the side of the head forward. In the same way, they keep on a long journey. In normal state, mangrove roots hold mud like an anchor by ship and roots continue to grow like insects by air. Although this speed is slow, in a short time, where do they go from? The result of the Buddha’s introduction of hundreds of Parivrajaks for the Emergency Emergency Movement together for the introduction of Dharma Chakra was that there was an impediment of superstition, irreligion, and profanity imposed on a time when there was a tremendous form. This tree also once stopped the American soldiers from barbaric attacks during World War II. The time when US Nine troops went forward, the whole colonies of these trees were found to be trapped in front.

No one should understand that these plants will be planted. Their total height ranges from one hundred feet to one hundred feet. When the fruit of this tree covered with yellow flowers, then it starts to blossom in the fruit, even in the fruit of the tree. As long as this seedling does not become eight to ten feet, the plant keeps on planting the same way as the Parivrakkas are able to cook up to the worthy persons by giving the message of self-expression until their convergence does not result in devotion and devotion. Let it happen. In this way, the sprouts break with a blast and the sharp shoots of 10-12 inches move rapidly into the depths of the sea. If he gets the soil then he starts to grow as a new tree. If it does not happen, they then start swimming in upper surface of water. Like floating, they create colonies with such many germinated fruits and work on their own where they get the right place and start self-development.

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